Our Story
SPARK365 is an on-site therapy
and wellness program
Designed specifically for senior living and life plan communities.

Our motto “Stay Fit. Stay Healthy. Stay Social.” helps unite and motivate residents and patients under our care to experience life to its fullest.

SPARK365 was developed by Rehab Alliance & South Pacific Rehabilitation’s expert clinicians to support the on-site therapy services they provide. As therapy experts, our goal is to help residents and patients at all levels of care to remain safe while allowing them to remain in their homes independently, on their own terms, for as long as possible. By incorporating Fitness & Wellness screenings, therapy-driven group fitness classes and private training services, Rehab Alliance & South Pacific Rehabilitation support senior living community residents to thrive!

Rehab Alliance & South Pacific Rehabilitation
Partner with residents, families, community staff, and physicians to achieve outstanding outcomes:

By incorporating SPARK365 into residential, assisted living, and memory care, communities are supported by therapy experts and professionals who help promote independence and well-being through the therapy services and outpatient clinical care they provide.

Rehab Alliance & South Pacific Rehabilitation are two caring, full-service therapy providers who merged in 2021. Collectively they have 75+ years of experience providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in over 10 acute hospitals, 60 skilled nursing homes, and 30 CCRCs throughout California. The well-being of their patients and residents is guaranteed through the passion, dedication, and work ethic of their top-of-the-line therapists.

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We are proud to offer our communities access to our New SPARK365 CRM that tracks metrics for community fitness trends, fitness class engagement and resident wellness status. click here